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Why Nanobiose ?

Because we want to contribute to improve human health with our innovative solutions for a better evaluation of drug candidate’s efficacy and/or toxicity at early stages of development.

Indeed, 90% of drug candidates fail almost at the end of their development when tested on Man, for a lack of efficacy or safety issues, after years of efforts and millions of expenses. Such late failures have a huge impact on the pharmaceutical / biotech companies’ economic figures but also on patients, who are still waiting for the innovative treatments they need.

In vitro assays are cheap, fast, more ethic than animal studies and at early stages, making them a sweet spot for assays with a high decisional value. But classical in vitro assays lack of performance because of their intrinsic 2D static nature which does not faithfully mimic in vivo conditions. This leads to poorly translatable results from cells to humans and, finally, in delays and extra costs in the development.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for innovative in vitro assays which allow researchers to evaluate their drug candidates in conditions mimicking better the human biology. This allows to make “go / no go” strategic decisions based on relevant efficacy and safety data packages at early stages, with a real impact on development in terms of startegy, costs and time to market. And at the end, more and safer new medicines for patients.

nanobiose immunotoxicity of nanoparticles

Who are we ?

Nanobiose is a specialized company founded in july 2016 near Chambéry (France), at the alpine crossroads of Europe

Nanobiose is developing innovative lab-on-a-chip solutions for improved in vitro evaluation of the efficacy and or safety of new molecular entities at early stages of development ranging from:

  • Unknown Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals
  • Unknown Nanomedicines, Nanovectors, Vaccines
  • Unknown Innovative dermocosmetics
  • Unknown Active ingredients
  • Unknown Implants

Our Solution

SecretCells® is a microfluidic lab-on-a-chip allowing efficay and cytotoxicity assays which combines perfused 3D cell culture capacities (to better mimic in-vivo like conditions) with the simultaneous capture of up to 10 secreted biomarkers on a removable biosensor. SecretCells® is easy to implement, just requiring daily used equipments (incubators, peristaltic or syringe pumps, fluorescence microscope or slide scanner) and does not need fastidious training of lab staff. Biomarkers evaluation is performed through a microarray, based on a sandwich ELISA method.

SecretCells® is the most flexible system for perfusion cell culture with both 3D and 2D cell culture capacities.

SecretCells® biosensors and reagents kits are customizable to fit your biomarkers requirements.


Our products

Nanobiose proposes ready to use kits for the evaluation of different of biomarker panels and accessories to simplify daily labworks.


SecretCells combine microfluidics, removable biosensors and perfused 3D/2D cell culture technologies.

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