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Lab on a chip combining
3D cell culture and
real-time capture
of secreted biomarkers


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Why Nanobiose

90% of drug candidates selected in the preclinical phases fail in the clinical assays on Man, mainly for efficacy or safety issues which have not been previously detected. This has a huge economic impact on the pharmaceutical / biotech companies but also on patients, who are waiting for the innovative treatments they need.

This huge attrition rate indicates a lack of efficient tools at the early stages of development to evaluate correctly their new molecules, when researchers and developers must take strategic “go / no go” decisions about their projects.

What We Offer

SecretCells® is a micro-fluidic lab-on-a-chip for a better in vitro efficacy and safety evaluation, based on both a profiling of secreted biomarkers  and a cytotoxicity assay. SecretCells® combines both perfused 3D (or 2D) cell culture capacities, to better mimic in-vivo like conditions, with the real-time capture of secreted up to 10 biomarkers simultaneously on a removable biosensor. SecretCells® is easy to implement, does not need huge investments and fastidious training of lab staff since it just requires daily used equipments (incubators, peristaltic or syringe pumps, fluorescence microscope or slide scanner).

Who We Are

Nanobiose is a specialized company founded in july 2016 near Chambéry (France), at the alpine crossroads of Europe. Nanobiose is developing innovative lab-on-a-chip solutions for improved in vitro evaluation of the efficacy/safety of new molecular entities at an early stage of development ranging from:

  • Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals
  • Nanomedicines, Nanovectors, Vaccines
  • Innovative dermocosmetics
  • Active ingredients
  • Implants

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