nanobiose preclinical services

Your partner for immunological safety assessment in vitro

Services and expertise in immunotoxicity and immunological safety assessment in vitro

Nanobiose offers services to support your R&D process, whether it is by mitigating risks through immunological safety assessment or by reducing costs and saving time through customized and flexible assays. Nanobiose offers access to a unique team of seasoned experts, senior scientific advisors and partners, in the field of immunological safety and immunotoxicity evaluation. Nanobiose offers the solutions that match your exact requirements, great flexibility, a capacity to think ‘out of the box’, a strong and interactive relationship with our customers.

Nanobiose is approved for the Research Tax Credit.

Preclinical Research Services

Nanobiose offers research services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries developing innovative healthcare products like nanomedicines, nano-enabled vaccine formulations, contrast agents, dermocosmetics, implantable medical devices and biologics.

 Nanodrug candidates

Implantable medical devices

Contrast agents used in medical imaging

Dermocosmetic products


Regulatory support

Nanobiose proposes a support to regulatory safety and a review of projects with respect to regulatory agencies expectations.
When designing an assay, Nanobiose scientists propose solutions as close as possible to existing guidelines.

Innovations for a predictive evaluation

For a better evaluation, Nanobiose promotes in vitro assays based on both three dimensional culture conditions and human primary immune cells.
Nanobiose also develops innovative microfluidic systems for faster and more reliable assays.