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Nanobiose is always looking for motivated talents in the field of immunology, toxicology, cellular biology, microfluidics, optics, instrumentation, biochemicals. If you want to join, please send a cv at

Intership Opportunity

Topic : Microfluidic 3D Immune Cell Cultures for Immunotoxicology Testing and Monitoring of Inflammation-Induced Cellular Responses

Evaluation and validation of 3D biomaterial scaffolds for microfluidics‐based 3D cell culture using the lab-on-chip microsystem developed by Nanobiose

In this context, the student will perform the
following tasks:

· Bibliographic synthesis and state of the art on 3D cellular biomaterial scaffolds and gathering of available data about their biocompatibility and compliance with immune cells.
· Evaluation and validation of selected scaffolds for the culture of primary human macrophages and for the evaluation of inflammatory response.
· Handling the lab-on-chip microsystem developed by Nanobiose, transferring and implementing the technology in a research laboratory.
· Evaluation and validation of selected models on the lab-on-chip microsystem developed by Nanobiose in comparison to standard 2D and 3D cultures.

Functions and key primary responsibilities:
· Achieve the aims of the project through the execution of experimental work, treatment of results and elaboration of reports;
· The experimental work includes cell culture, biocompatibility and
toxicological assessment (in vitro studies), dosing biomarkers and

Required profile:
We are looking for a self-starting and dynamic candidate with “M1/M2” level in Biotechnologies / Cellular biology.

This internship will require the following qualities:
– Analytical and synthesis skills as well as ability to learn and adapt,
– Great organizational capacity, rigor and efficiency,
– Good interpersonal skills and team spirit.
– Experience in 2D & 3D cell culture and microfluidics will be appreciated but is not mandatory.
– Good level of English proficiency would be an asset.

Internship period and location:
February 01 to July 31, 2018
Main location: Grenoble

Please send your resume and cover letter through the contact us page.