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What if we could grow ours cells in a 3D environment with a total control on their exposure to external stimuli like drugs or biologics and capture a multiplexed secreted cell response in real-time? And work with only few samples without the need to wait for days or weeks to perform the biomarkers assessment, just to gather the right number of samples to avoid wasting time and immuno-assays kits?  And without the need to buy a dedicated multiplex system, just using a fluorescence microscope?

Microsystems for early stages in vitro evaluation of new drugs

That’s why Nanobiose develops SecretCells®, an innovative in vitro platform for the simultaneous evaluation of cytotoxicity and secretion of biomarkers. Easy to use and implement, based on fluorescent readouts, SecretCells® has been developed to allow scientists to perform a better in vitro evaluation of their new drugs on the basis of perfused 3D cell cultures. This enables a perfect control of cells exposure to the tested products in a physiologically more relevant environment, leading to a better selection of compounds at early stages.

SecretCells® is a unique combination of a microfluidic biochip harboring two independent wells for cells culture and a removable biosensor for the capture and multiplexed analysis of secreted biomarkers (4 to 9 different biomarkers, e.g. TNF-α , IL-1β, IL-2, TNF-α, IFN-γ, …). The microfluidic biochip can be operated with a peristaltic pump, a syringe pump or a pressure controller. The biosensor is revealed with a reagent kit (immuno-staining) and further processed with a fluorescence microscope or a slide scanner.

Now, SecretCells® is available for early adopters.

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Here are some of the advantages of SecretCells® :

  • Parallelizable systems
  • Choice of 3D or 2D culture supports
  • Control of cells exposure (time, flow rate.)
  • Real-time capture of biomarkers; multiplexing up to 9
  • No lag time between experiments and results
  • No handling or storage of cell culture supernatants
  • Removable biosensor, change without interrupting the experiment
  • Customizable biosensor


Microfluidic systems offer many advantages:

  • Increased precision
  • Reduced consumption of costly reagents
  • Improved experimental reproducibility
  • Realization of different steps of an experiment on a single device
  • Automatization of tedious, manual-labor intensive tasks to efficient, rapid and with minimal intervention tasks
  • Spatial and temporal control of fluid flow and delivery of media, drugs and signaling factors to live cells
  • Possibility of parallelization of experimental conditions
nanobiose microfluidics
nanobiose biosensors


Nanobiose develops biosensors dedicated to multiplexed analysis of secreted biomarkers.

  • Fluorescence based readout
  • Adaptable on fluorescence microscopes and slide scanners
  • Customization (species, biomarkers) upon request

Real-time capture of secreted biomarkers

Real-time provides access to critical information to understand biological processes, without multiplying the number of samples or assays.

Real-time capture of biomarkers on the biosensor allows to :

Capture all the time frame of the experiment

Avoid / reduce loss of biomarkers by degradation

No handling and intermediate storage of samples

nanobiose real time analysis of cells