nanobiose lab on a chip based assays

Lab on a chip based assays

Microsystems for the immune response assessment

Nanobiose develops lab-on-chip microsystems to monitor immune responses in vitro. Nanobiose microsystems will help researchers to understand the sequence of cellular responses and decipher the subtle mechanisms of regulation.


Microfluidic systems offer many advantages:

  • Increased precision
  • Reduced consumption of costly reagents
  • Improved experimental reproducibility
  • Realization of different steps of an experiment on a single device
  • Automatization of tedious, manual-labor intensive tasks to efficient, rapid and with minimal intervention tasks
  • Spatial and temporal control of fluid flow and delivery of media, drugs and signaling factors to live cells
  • Possibility of parallelization of experimental conditions
nanobiose microfluidics
nanobiose biosensors


Nanobiose developps biosensors dedicated to immunomonitoring. Biosensors have many advantages for the analysis of biological samples like:

  • A great capability of multiparametric analysis
  • Access to high-throughput analyses of complex samples
  • Access to label free analysis suitable for the detection of compounds as various as proteins, ions or cells

Real time analysis of cells

Real-time analysis provides access to critical information to understand biological processes, without multiplying the number of samples or assays.
The observation of dynamic changes provides more insight into the processes of a cell, as compared to a snapshot provided by imaging studies of fixed cells or endpoint measures of parameters.

nanobiose real time analysis of cells