nanobiose preclinical services

Preclinical Services

Preclinical services for a more predictive evaluation of the effect in the human.

Nanobiose offers preclinical services to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and biotechnology industries. Nanobiose scientists design in vitro and ex vivo studies with the goal to be the most predictive of the effect in humans, compliant to regulatory guidelines and as close as possible to regulatory expectations. Nanobiose philosophy is to provide what is really important for your projects, and only that. Contact our experts at

  • Audit and studies design

    Expertise customers’ projects and design study plan using both customized and/or reference protocols, according to US-NCL & EU-NCL recommandations.

  • 3D cell culture technologies

    For more reliable and predictive safety evaluation, Nanobiose promotes the use of 3D cell culture techniques

  • Functionnal assays on primary cell cultures

    Nanobiose proposes assays based on primary cultures of human immune cells

  • Ex vivo assays

    Cytokine release assays (human whole blood or PBMCs), Immunophenotyping, Platelets functions assessment, Activation of the complement pathways

  • In vitro assays

    Cytotoxicity, efficacy models of inflammation, NK cells activity , lymphocytes proliferation, macrophages / neutrophils functions

  • Support to development strategy

    Support and advices on the development strategy with respect to existing guidelines and expectations of regulatory agencies.