nanobiose lab on a chip based assays


Microfluidic systems offer many advantages:

  • Increased precision
  • Reduced consumption of costly reagents
  • Improved experimental reproducibility
  • Realization of different steps of an experiment on a single device
  • Automatization of tedious, manual-labor intensive tasks to efficient, rapid and with minimal intervention tasks
  • Spatial and temporal control of fluid flow and delivery of media, drugs and signaling factors to live cells
  • Possibility of parallelization of experimental conditions
nanobiose microfluidics
nanobiose biosensors


Nanobiose develops biosensors dedicated to multiplexed analysis of secreted biomarkers.

  • Fluorescence based readout
  • Adaptable on fluorescence microscopes and slide scanners
  • Customization (species, biomarkers) upon request

Real-time capture of secreted biomarkers

Real-time provides access to critical information to understand biological processes, without multiplying the number of samples or assays.

Real-time capture of biomarkers on the biosensor allows to :

Capture all the time frame of the experiment

Avoid / reduce loss of biomarkers by degradation

No handling and intermediate storage of samples

nanobiose real time analysis of cells