Nanobiose's Vision

Increase the relevance and predictive power of in vitro assays to accelerate and secure drug development with Nanobiose !


Nanobiose is a specialized company founded in July 2016 near Chambery in France, at the alpine crossroads of Europe. Our ambition is to provide researchers with innovative solutions to improve the in vitro assessment of drug candidates.

How can we do that ? by empowering in vitro assays in more appropriate biological conditions.

Do you know that about 90% of drug candidates fail when tested on Man, mainly due to a  lack of efficacy or safety issues? And this after years of efforts and millions of expenses?

Such late failures have a huge impact on pharmaceutical and biotech companies’ economic figures but also on all of us, the patients, who are still waiting for innovative treatments we need.


In vitro assays are cheap, fast, more ethic than animal studies. Moreover, they are done at early stages, making them a sweet spot for assays with a high decisional value. But classical in vitro assays lack of performance because of their intrinsic 2D static nature which does not faithfully mimic in vivo conditions. This leads to poorly translatable results from cells to animal then to human. And finally, in delays,  extra costs in the development and, unfortunately, a great ‘ bad chance’ of failure.


Therefore, there is an urgent need for innovative in vitro assays which increase the relevance and predictive power of in vitro assays to accelerate and secure drug developement. Such assays allow researchers to evaluate their drug candidates in conditions mimicking better the human biology. Strategic ‘go / no go ‘ decisions are then based on relevant efficacy and safety data packages, which has a real impact on development in terms of strategy, costs and time to market.


And at the end safer new medicines for the patients we all are.

Here is our mission.


Nanobiose is always looking for motivated talents in the field of immunology, toxicology, cellular biology, microfluidics, optics, instrumentation and  biochemistry.


If you want to join, please contact us and send a cv.

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