Nanobiose's Vision

Nanobiose is a specialized company founded in July 2016 near Chambery in France, at the alpine crossroads of Europe.

Our ambition is to propose innovative solutions which improve the in vitro assessment of drug candidates at early stage of development by empowering in vitro assays in more appropriate biological conditions.


Indeed, 90% of drug candidates fail almost at the end of their development when tested on Man, for a lack of efficacy or safety issues, after years of efforts and millions of expenses. Such late failures have a huge impact on pharmaceutical and biotech companies’ economic figures but also on patients, who are still waiting for innovative treatments they need.


In vitro assays are cheap, fast, more ethic than animal studies and at early stages, making them a sweet spot for assays with a high decisional value. But classical in vitro assays lack of performance because of their intrinsic 2D static nature which does not faithfully mimic in vivo conditions. This leads to poorly translatable results from cells to animal then to human and, finally, in delays,  extra costs in the development and a great ‘chance’ of failure.


Therefore, there is an urgent need for innovative in vitro assays which allow researchers to evaluate their drug candidates in conditions mimicking better the human biology.

This allows to make “go / no go” strategic decisions based on relevant efficacy and safety data packages at early stages, with a real impact on development in terms of strategy, costs and time to market.

And at the end, more and safer new medicines for the patients we are.

Our Team

At Nanobiose, smart tools for cell biology are designed for researchers, by researchers. 

Our team has extensive skills in microfluidic and cell biology to adress actual’s research challenges


Damien Fleury, PhD

Co-founder- CEO & President

Damien Fleury is a senior R&D professional with over than 10 years of Life Sciences industries experience. Damien held various leading research positions at Proskelia (2002-2004), Prostrakan (2004-2006) and Galapagos (2007-2012) and as associate research director at Addex Therapeutics (2012-2013, Geneva).  Damien followed the startup training program of Linksium (Grenoble) in business development, finances and HR (2014-2016) before founding Nanobiose in July 2016. Damien holds a PhD in molecular biophysics from Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris Sorbonne, Paris).


Sarah Milgram, PhD

Co-founder – CSO

Sarah Milgram is a confirmed researcher with over than six years of experience in both fundamental and technological research for life sciences. Sarah developed original approaches for the capture, culture and analysis of living immune cells on biosensors during post-doctoral experiences at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission.  Her fields of expertise range from cellular biology, in vitro toxicology evaluation to microsystem design, biosensors and lab-on-a-chip based immunoassays. Sarah holds a PhD in cellular and molecular biology from Université Jean Monnet (Saint-Étienne) and is an engineer in biomaterials and biomechanics from Université Technologique de Compiègne.

Rade 2020_3

Radé Baganizi, PhD

R&D Application Engineer

Radé Baganizi is a postdoctoral fellow recruited  as a R&D researcher. During his PhD, he developed strong scientific and technical experiences in the field of immunology and microsystems. He incepted a lab-on-chip and a microfluidic bench for the analysis and detection in real-time of biomarkers (cytokines) secretion by immune cells (lymphocytes).


Nanobiose is always looking for motivated talents in the field of immunology, toxicology, cellular biology, microfluidics, optics, instrumentation and  biochemistry.


If you want to join, please contact us and send a cv.

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