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SecretCells is a smart and easy to handle microfluidic lab-on-chip with two independent open wells and a removable microarray for real time capture and multiplexed analysis of secreted biomarkers.

By combining different technologies, SecretCells allows the use of complex biological samples such as explants, organoids, spheroids, 3D cell culture in scaffolds or 2D cell cultures.

Thanks to the precise microfluidic control of samples exposure, SecretCells increases the relevance of in vitro assays and decreases the variability of the data.


In vitro efficacy assays based on secreted biomarkers

The concept of SecretCells is based on the reversible assembly of a biochip and a glass biosensor.

Biological samples are grown in culture wells under a controled perfusion of fresh media and compounds to be tested.

Secreted molecules are carried to the analysis chamber and captured by specific probes grafted on the biosensor surface (microarray).

Biomarker’s secretion is then evaluated after incubation with specific reagents (ELISA sandwich) by imaging the biosensor surface for fluorescent signals.

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SecretCells is a comfortable, ergonomic and easy to handle device compatible with existing laboratory equipments (syringe pump, incubator, fluorescence microscope).

Accessible open wells

– Implement complex biological samples (explants, organoids,  spheroids…) without compromising them with lengthy processes.

– Add 2D or 3D support:  matrices, membranes, hydroscaffolds etc.

– Recover materials at endpoint to perform further analysis : proteomics, genomics etc.

Releasable biosensor 

– Multiplexing up to 8 biomarkers.

– Change biosensor without stopping the experiment.

Fluidic lines organizers and fluidic lines

– Rationalizes and saves space, organizes tubings.

– Control cells exposure to tested items (drug candidate, vaccine, nanoparticles, ingredients, nutrients etc.).

– Automatic replenishment of culture medium after exposure to drug candidate.

– Fluidic lines organizers are autoclavable.

Organizer tray

– A monobloc stainless steel plateau and a manifold for the collection of effluents in 50 mL or 15 mL tubes.

– Easy to handle and to transport from the biosafety cabinet to the incubator.

– Parallelize up to 3 SecretCells modules.


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