Dedicated instrumentation to increase your productivity and user's experience

To make the use of SecretCells more efficient, Nanobiose offers a series of dedicated instruments to offer you more ergonomy, comfort and ease of use. 

Prototypes are available now for early and tech adopters.


Benchtop Incubator 

  • Regulating T, CO2 and O2 levels.
  • Avoid sharing crowded incubators 
  • Avoid temperature disturbances due to repeated openings 
  • Designed to accomodate a SecretCells platform (up to 3 modules), rationalizes space and organizes tubings.
Product Biosensors

SecretCells Imaging Device


  • A capacity of up tu 3 biosensors simultaneously
  • Saves time in data capture.
  • Includes an integrity certificate to ensure raw data images are original

Six channels fraction collector


  • First kinetic approach of biomarkers secretion

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