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1,2,3… SecretCells!

SecretCells® is a unique combination of a microfluidic biochip harboring two independent wells for 3D/2D cells culture and a removable biosensor for the capture and multiplexed analysis of secreted biomarkers (up to 10 biomarkers, e.g.TNF, IL-1β, IL-2, IFN-γ, etc.).

To increase easiness of use and users experience, Nanobiose also developped accessories like an organizer tray and the fluidic line cassettes, to parallelize and rationalize the use of up to 3 SecretCells.

Here are some of the advantages of SecretCells® :

  • Highly versatile: choice of 3D or 2D culture supports
  • Full control of cells exposure: time, flow rate, stop & go
  • On-line capture of biomarkers: no loss of material
  • Removable biosensor: change without interrupting the experiment
  • Increase throughput by parallelization
  •  Connect multi cell types
  • Operated with classic lab equipments : few investment
  •  Timely available results
  • Reduce worklab and handling errors: no handling/storage of cell culture supernatants
Multiplexing up to 10 biomarkers
Run up to 6 SecretCells units simultaneously



2 independent cell culture wells
2 independent analysis chambers (1 / well)
1 reagent channel per analysis chamber Dimensions of the biochip : 25 x 75,6 x 5 mm Well diameter: 6 mm
Well volume: 90 μL
Well culture surface: 0,28 cm2
Analysis chamber volume: 35 μL
Flow rate: 1 to 500μL / min


Glass slide

Dimensions: 25 x 75,6 x 1 mm Analysis surface: 1,8 cm2 Maximum array size

5 x 39 spots (350 to 500μm) per analysis chamber Capacity

Up to 10 biomarkers x 15 spots

Biomarkers measure
Fluorescent Sandwich ELISA with reagents A and B

Excitation wavelength: 495 nm Emission wavelength: 595 nm


In vitro efficacy or safety assay monitored by secreted biomarkers

2D/3D cultures, Co-cultures, organoids or spheroids,

Cascade effects (serialization)

Study of the impact of autocrine / paracrine effects (flow vs static)


Fluidic line cassette

The cassette has been developed to ease injection of samples via an adjustable sample loop and on-line injection port  and optimize space and tubings crowding

Organizer tray for 3 SecretCells

With the organizer tray, parallelize up to 3 SecretCells  to increase throughput or create more complex connexions bewteen the systems

Biosensor Imaging System

To collect the data from biosensord in only few seconds, with the right combination of excitation LEDS, fluorescence filters and a consumer digital camera. 

available packs

Starter pack

The starter pack contains reusable parts and consumables to run 3 experiments (6 experimental conditions)

Optimizer pack

The optimizer pack contains an organizer tray, 3 fluidic lines cassettes and a stand for PSM/incubator

Premium pack

The premium pack contains
a starter pack and an optimizer pack

Available panels

Human inflammation set #1, for TNF, IL-1b, IL-6 and IL-10 evaluation.

Do you want a customized panel? or service? Please contact us.

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