Upgrade in vitro assays relevance with SecretCells

SecretCells is the unique combination of a microfluidic biochip with a removable glass-based microarray biosensor.

Connected to a fluidic power, like a syringe pump,  it allows to control the infusion of your biological samples with compounds (up to 2 different in series) and automatically replenishes with fresh media after exposure. Secreted biomarkers are continously captured on the biosensor surface, directly from the ‘cell culture’ supernatant. 

The biochip has two independent infused culture wells (diameter of a 96-well plate) to accomodate the biological samples, in order to perform two experiments per microfluidic chip. 

Nanobiose proposes a comprehensive solution with both consumables (tubings, infusion sets, biochip, biosensor and reagent kits) and reusable parts : sealing devices, an organizer tray, fluidic lines organizers and a stand to be used in the biosafety cabinet or in the incubator.


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Product -SecretCells
Solution - Product SecretCells

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Technical Characteristics 


2 independent cell culture wells / 2 independent analysis chambers (1 / well)

1 reagent channel per analysis chamber

Dimensions of the biochip : 25 x 75,6 x 5 mm 

Well : diameter 6 mm / volume 90 μL / culture surface 0,28 cm2

Analysis chamber volume: 35 μL

Flow rate: 1 to 500μL / min


Glass slide

Dimensions: 25 x 75,6 x 1 mm 

Analysis surface: 1,8 cm2

Maximum array size :  5 x 39 spots (350 to 500μm) per analysis chamber

Capacity : Up to 8 biomarkers 

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