nanobiose team

Damien Fleury, PhD

Co-founder- CEO & President

Damien Fleury is a senior R&D professional with over than 10 years of Life Sciences industries experience. Damien held various leading research positions at Proskelia (2002-2004), Prostrakan (2004-2006) and Galapagos (2007-2012) and a transient (but interesting) experience as associate research director at Addex Therapeutics (2012-2013, Geneva).  Damien followed the startup training program of Linksium (Grenoble) in business development, finances and HR (2014-2016) before founding Nanobiose in July 2016. Damien holds a PhD in molecular biophysics from Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris Sorbonne, Paris).


Sarah Milgram, PhD

Co-founder – CSO

Sarah Milgram is a confirmed researcher with over than six years of experience in both fundamental and technological research for life sciences. Sarah developed original approaches for the capture, culture and analysis of living immune cells on biosensors during post-doctoral experiences at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission.  Her fields of expertise range from cellular biology, in vitro toxicology evaluation to microsystem design, biosensors and lab-on-a-chip based immunoassays. Sarah holds a PhD in cellular and molecular biology from Université Jean Monnet (Saint-Étienne) and is an engineer in biomaterials and biomechanics from Université Technologique de Compiègne.

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Radé Baganizi, PhD

Pioneer employee, R&D

Radé Baganizi is a postdoctoral fellow recruited  as a R&D researcher. During his PhD, he developed strong scientific and technical experiences in the field of immunology and microsystems. He incepted a lab-on-chip and a microfluidic bench for the analysis and detection in real-time of biomarkers (cytokines) secretion by immune cells (lymphocytes).



Scientific advisory board

Jacques Descotes, Pr, MD, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Claude Bernard University of Lyon, France. Fellow, US Academy of Toxicological Sciences. Eurotox Registered Toxicologist.

Formerly chairman of the Department ‘Poison Center and Pharmacovigilance’ of Lyon University General Hospitals, and head of the Laboratory of Fundamental and Clinical Immunotoxicology at Lyon University and INSERM, Professor Jacques Descotes is the author or co-author of 13 books, 78 chapters, 247 original scientific papers, 482 presentations and posters at international scientific meetings and congresses, making him an international KOL on topics related to preclinical and clinical/medical toxicology, immunotoxicology and regulatory risk assessment.

Yoann Roupioz, PhD

Research Director at CNRS, Deputy director of the laboratory SyMMES, UMR 5819 CNRS-CEA-Univ. Grenoble-Alpes.

Yoann Roupioz is a specialist of biochips. He was the recipient of the “Young Researcher Award” of the French Biochemical and Molecular Biology Society (2007) and the Masao Horiba Award” in Kyoto, Japan (2011) and also a member of the “Nano and micro technologies for Biology” strategic watch group of the OMNT (2008 – 2013). His fields of expertise are ranging from conjugation chemistry, biomolecule handling for biosensing applications to the design and fabrication of functional cellular biochips for biomedical and food safety applications. He is co-founder of the Prestodiag company (Villejuif, France), launched in 2012.

Patrice Marche, PhD

Research Director at INSERM – Deputy Director of Institute for Advanced Biosciences. U1209 INSERM-UMR 5309 CNRS-Univ. Grenoble-Alpes.

Patrice Marche is an immunologist leading the team “Analytic immunology of Chronic Diseases” as a scientific director. He participated to several collaborative projects (ANR, European Community, FUI …) dedicated to the evaluation of the effects of nano materials and particles on the functions of the immune system. He is the author of 4 patents, leading to the creation of 2 new companies and published about 150 scientific articles aiming to decipher immune mechanisms in chronic pathologies and to propose innovations to detect and to cure diseases associated with chronic immune dysfunctions.


Nanobiose is looking for a highly motivated R&D engineer in mechanics and microfluidics . More details in the pdf here.  20201106-Offre-Nanobiose

Want to join us ?

Nanobiose is always looking for motivated talents in the field of immunology, toxicology, cellular biology, microfluidics, optics, instrumentation, biochemicals. If you want to join, please contact us and send a cv


Nanobiose is offering opportunities for internships (2-4 months) in marketing and scientific communication. Please contact us and send you CV

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