In vitro efficacy assays based on secreted biomarkers

SecretCells is formed by the reversible assembly of a biochip to a glass based biosensor. Cells are grown in either 2D or 3D, depending on the experimental setup, under a controlled perfusion of nutrients and compounds to be tested. Specific protein probes are grafted on the biosensor surface to create a microarray for the capture of secreted biomarkers. Biomarkers secretion is evaluated after incubation with specific reagents (ELISA sandwich) by imaging the biosensor surface for fluorescent signals.


Microfluidic systems offer many advantages:


Nanobiose develops biosensors dedicated to multiplexed analysis of secreted biomarkers.

nanobiose biosensors
nanobiose nanodrug candidates

Real-time capture of secreted biomarkers

Real-time provides access to critical information to understand biological processes, without multiplying the number of samples or assays.

Real-time capture of biomarkers on the biosensor allows to :

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